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Labour is generally called a manmade factor of production it is one of the main factors where the human comes into the picture.

Labour in terms of accounting may be the daily wage earner example a worker in a factory as specified under concern countries factory act like in India, we have factory act 1948

In economics is

1.         A human who works may be taking in mental shear or physical shear and get rewarded for the work. For example  - a daily wage earner or farmer or teacher

2.         Labour had a weak bargaining power

3.         He is always overworked

4.         Labour also has a backward bending demand curve it is also known as work leisure ratio.


It is hard work and you will always be surrounded by those that know how to skate while pushing off the shit work to their lesser-known workmates. However, if you work hard and show some objective you will eventually get away from the ‘labor force’ type day work because you will be noticed by an assistant administrator or the ‘super’ or a trade crew foreman, and you will be hired full time as a company employee. That pass double if you are working as a laborer for a company and not a contract labor outfit. You do not need to stay a laborer as it will make an old man out of you fairly quickly. There are those, however, that need no leadership responsibility and choose to stay laborers for a lifetime.

I am not saying this from any personal event as is obvious. But over years I have observed them and in some detail. I belong to a city that was the destination for the poor uneducated folk for hundreds of kilometers to find gainful employment to survive. a majority of them end up in construction business as daily wage laborers. They commonly get a job through contractors, who charge a commission for the connection. the sector being highly unorganized, laborers cough up to 30% of their daily wage to these middlemen. Often their wages come to so small they fail to make ends meet. I have seen people quit this line of work to pull cycle rickshaws even which is one of the lowest paying jobs and involves arduous labor. Speaking of working conditions. They live on the site of construction, without proper hygiene and other facilities. I have encountered laborers drowning trying to take baths in ponds. Take a look at their hands, you will notice the bruises and withering away nails and skin, years of abrasion leave scars that don't heal. They work without well-being precautions in the majority of situations, perched on precarious bamboo structures that serve as platforms to do the building's exterior work. All in all, they take exploit, doing backbreaking hazardous work for a pittance that lets them barely two meals a day.

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