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Top 12 Website Design In Nashik

Different type of website

Static Website: The designing of a static website is basically the simplest way to showcase your product or online business. These websites are for the people who generally prefer a search engine friendly website, one that delivers content for which site visitors are searching.

Flash Website: The flash websites leave a long-lasting impression on the viewer as it contains the animation with sound. It has the power to instance an emotion or excitement. Flash web pages are effective, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. The user is given more than just informational content.

Dynamic Website: The dynamic website is required for the content such as online databases, e-business, membership, private areas, knowledge base, and collaborative content, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site, etc. The dynamic web page is any web page that has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested. A dynamic website is the pages that allow a user to set preferences regarding what kind of information will be displayed.

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The cost of the website depending on your needs but here are some rough numbers...

1. Domain cost - about $10-$12 year for .com or .net or .org
2. Hosting cost - from $5/month to a Couple of hundred dollars or maybe, even more, depending on your needs.
3. Cost of designing & development - If you are using WP then you can get a great theme for about $60 from theme forest but if you want to build something from the ground up then it can charges anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to over a $100K (it completely depends on your requirements)
4. Maintenance - like everything it depends on your requirements and available resources. So if you are using a premade theme from theme forest let say then you probably will get all the updates for free or for very reasonable cost...

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