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Top 12 Website Design In Mau

Website making is a difficult task while making the website with online tools provided then it takes less time.

Reasons for making the website

The main reason behind making websites is popularity, if you are making your own website then your first reason is to gain popularity. But using your online site builder will make your website heavy and the irrelevant code will get attached to your site. That will hinder the popularity of your website.

You are a Brand

If you are running a business and want to become digital, then you will also make a website for the peoples to find you easily.

Selling of the things- Ecommerce Website

To sell your product all over the world you need a website to take orders from customers.

To make peoples a pray

some peoples also make a replica of a website to fool someone, they make a phishing page website and hack the peoples, beware of using your secret credentials. Always check the proper visiting URL.

First, you have to learn about Web Technologies for create website. That depends on the type of website you create. If you don't know about anything about Web programming then you may go for website developing tool. The most a free website or blog has the vast number of themes for the website.

Web Technologies:
  The website has three parts.

  1. Front End Technologies.
  2. Server-side language for connectivity.
  3. Database for storage.

Front End Technologies:
  If you want to create a static website, Front End Technologies is enough for you. This will show content for your website. Most of the website front end is created by HTML, CSS, JavaScript. You can learn these technologies easily from the following website.

Server-Side Language:

 Server-side language is used to connect the front end and back end. The most popular server-side programming used are Java, PHP, C#, etc., You can learn these technologies from.
And you can also find more online tutorials if you search for Google.

The database will store the data to display on your website. The popular database is MySQL, Oracle, etc., You can learn SQL queries from.

Learning HTML javascript and CSS make you a front end designer, Instead, you need to study jquery, ajax that will give you a boost to your career. Nowadays the front end designing is containing many advanced technologies like SASS, SCSS, AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages), Angular, Angular 2, Angular fire, Atom, Backbone.js, Compass. etc.

React.js is becoming more popular nowadays, some of the modern technologies are becoming more comfortable to provide fewer loads on the server, all these are known to be as client-side programming languages.



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A good websites reaches to the millions of peoples. Which can be enough for the growth.