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Top 12 Website Design In Ghazipur

Web Design is typically observed that the Front End of a Website. How the website looks and feels. The User Experience or Interface.

A web designer is generally someone who is creative and has an eye for design. Kind of like an artist who codes.

This type of code that a web designer works with, will often fundamentally be

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • possibly JavaScript


Everything starts with a hypertext markup language. Some people wonder why HTML is on the list of skills which need for web developers.

2. CSS

CSS is about the optical appearance of the site. It’s really very important for front-end developers, as it allows them to see how an app will interact with the design.

3. JavaScript

It describes the way a web page or app will behave. Besides, knowing JavaScript which allows you to learn such JS frameworks as Ajax or jQuery. It will help make your work more nice and effective.

In most of the cases, the client does not have any idea of technical things & their costs (like, in term of money, the time required & skill level).

Like a simple and easy problem in math can be solved in no. of ways the same quality can be designed in a no. of ways. One way can take 2 min to solve this problem other can take 2 hrs. or even more than that.

As a customer or client, the most important thing for you is to fulfill your needs in the best and possible way without the need for unnecessary expenditure. Also giving you more than enough flexibility at the same time.

But the sarcasm is that the same is rarely a concern for most of the developers or web development agencies out there.

 There are three major costs:-

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Design

Domain:- (name of your website):- It is a fixed cost, which costs around 600–1200 INR/Year. You can buy them from domain registrars like Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Hosting:- You need a computer desktop called server to keep and save your website file which is always connected to the internet. For this, you need a Hosting Providers (Ex:- Bluehost, Dreamhost, Siteground, etc).

Hosting Cost, You can obtain it for free also (with many restrictions on RAM, Storage, etc). That only I would suggest who are learning web development & have a very tight budget.

Design:- If what the developer takes for his time is prohibited. It can cost zero to anything like more than 10K even for a simple website (like of a school/college etc.)

Top 5 best web design companies

  1. Webteeq
  2. Meentosys
  3. Login4ites Network
  4. A2z Sms
  5. Go Online With Us

There are multiple ways to create a website by which you can create a website

You don't need to learn full coding for website development for a particular website

here are top 3 ways you can create a website

  1. content management system (cms)
  2. coding
  3. website builders
  4. hire a freelancer or an agency to build a website

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Frequently Asked Questions

This cost is fixed and it approximately 600-1200 INR/Year.

JavaScript is a client-side programming language which help web developer for the web application development and it describe the way a web page or application will behave.

Yes, some of the listed peoples also offer free simple website making. But they have their own terms and conditions.

The probability is average in your locality but its increasing day by day.