Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Sycaworld

Sycaworld uses the customers information for the internal performance. we donot use any type of unauthorised data. Even We use/take only that information from customers which are really necessary to meet the customers requirement.

privacy policy

Trasparent Use Customers Resources

1. We have a transparent use of your balance at sycaworld.

2. As you credit the balance in sycaworld. you start receiving the contact details of the inquiry person.

3. As per the refund policy is concerned. we have a full refund of the remaining amount. if the user doesn't receive any inquiry in the last 60 days.

4. We try to make the service smooth to the customers. so that they are not much annoyed.

5. we are increasing our service more smooth to the customers.

6.The invested amount can be refunded in any account said once confirmed by the owner. or it can be reversed back to the related account.

7. The balance will be shown in your syca wallet account using your android app. And it gets deducted when use gets the inquiry.

8. if you are unavailable and does not want to receive the lead you can pause the lead in the setting.

9. After a specific time, the lead receiving can be resumed.